2020 Roller Coaster

2020 Roller Coaster

CorkTrend on 21st Oct 2020

This has been some year so far, hey?

When they say that life has its ups and downs, they didn't really warn us that it may happen on such a scale.

So far, since March this year, there were few times where we didn't think our small business would pull through. With constant changes to regulations and guidelines, more delay to services and the overall uncertainty, it is lucky that CorkTrend is still floating. Literally.

For those of you who don't know, our small online business ended up being on a narrowboat, cruising British canal network. While at first this was a big shock for an online business, and at the time our only possible income, with poor to no internet available - we thought we'd lost it. Lockdown didn't help at all, apart from us spending it on a narrowboat and realising that they may be a positive spin to the whole situation.

After speaking to few very helpful people, we decided to get fully licenced and open a floating shop. We still had time to get ready before any trading was permitted at the beginning of July. Until then it was full lockdown rules.

It was all in, we’ve got nothing to lose attitude considering what the world was dealing with.

Fast forward to July, already fully licenced and having just found a new possibility with home range products, we opened our pop up for the first time in Crick, Northamptonshire.

Later on, we traded in Braunston and the beautiful Stratford upon Avon, where we had huge welcome by the locals and our products were flying off the shelves


At the beginning of September an opportunity came along for us to join a floating market organised by Canal and River Trust in Angel, Islington.

We arrived at location mid September and had a couple of real fun and successful trading weeks along the Candle Boat and Boom Done Shop. The locals were friendly and welcoming, giving us nice and positive feedback. We enjoyed our stay and hope we will be able to return soon.

Our freshly appointed brand ambassadors Storm and Kai were thoroughly enjoying all the attention of passers-by.

Storm is also CorkTrend's head of security. Kai is almost always late for work due to oversleeping.

We are currently moored close to Cheshunt, but weather hasn't been great, so shop is closed.

We are using this time to improve our website, bring in new designs and products in time for Christmas and catch up with admin.

CorkTrend is currently taking part in an online Christmas market organised by RCTA, the event is ongoing until December.

In the following weeks, we are planning to find a place to trade in or near Enfield. We will post an update with our location as soon as we know more.

As always if you see our boat in your neighbourhood and would like to collect an order you've placed online, then please do get in touch and we can 

arrange that. Delivery in UK is free of charge.

We hope everyone is safe and well.

Let's stay positive and find ways to rebuild a better place for all



Tim and Dana