Cork is a conscious choice that's good for everyone

Cork is a conscious choice that's good for everyone

CorkTrend on 14th Jan 2020

When choosing a new fashion product what factors do you take into consideration?

Do you buy something because you like the way it looks, do you seek practical products, or durable ones?

Do you buy what's trendy, even though it may not exactly represent you? 

Do you shop with the intent to make a difference, not only for yourself, but the environment?

When we say environment, what we really mean is everything and everyone around you.

It is a tough choice nowadays. Thousands of brands, easily accessible, with shiny photos, flashy videos, banners screaming offers, promotions, sales... we have it all. And as long as we have money to spend - we go for it.



Now, please stop for a moment and ask yourself a few questions.

-Do I know what my new bag, shoes, etc is really made of?

-Do I know how this item was manufactured?

-Do I know where the materials come from?

-Do I know who made my new, "must have"?

-Do I know how it gets delivered to me? (And no, we do not mean the friendly delivery guy :) )

The most important question may be "Do I care?"

If the "real bargain" product you are about to buy had a description that it was manufactured by a child who can't afford to have a real childhood, would you still buy it?

If it had a description that a number of animals may have been harmed during the manufacturing process of your new bag, would you still buy it?

If you knew that the £500 bag you just bought will bring enormous profit to that "employer" but only tiny grains to the person that actually made it, would you still buy it?

You see, it is important to know the answers to these questions, to some extent at least.

That's why spending a little time to research before you buy could be the turning point. Today you, tomorrow your friends and slowly globally, hopefully, people will start really thinking about it.

Online shopping for fashion proves to be very convenient, but also very harmful for everyone, whether it is directly affecting you currently or not.

But things can be better. For everyone. For the world.

By choosing cork leather over animal leather, you can be certain that no animals have been harmed in the process.

Nor trees.

And if you choose to buy from CorkTrend you can be certain that no people have been exploited too.

The wonderful thing about cork is that it is like a gold mine and we've only just discovered the seam.

So much goodness awaits, so much potential, yet so little interest globally.

Cork is sustainable, renewable, very durable, lightweight, scratch-resistant, recyclable, eco-friendly.

Don't wait until a big fashion house starts to charge you for a cork bag an insane amount of money just because they've put their brand on it.

It will be the same cork leather, with the same qualities, but will cost you a small fortune in comparison and most probably be manufactured by underpaid, overworked people in huge factories, where sustainability is not a word in the dictionary. But profit is.

Choose consciously. Choose sustainability. Choose quality that makes a difference for the "ordinary" people and their livelihoods.

And wear your cork products with pride. 

For A Better World.