Indian Summer Vibes

Indian Summer Vibes

CorkTrend on 3rd Sep 2021

August- the month that always gives me a bitter-sweet taste. Summer, but not quite and at the same time the beginning of the end of it.

One thing I like about September in UK is that it's nicer than August. Most of the time anyway.

And then the warm hue in the evenings, the colours of autumn flowers, the trees, telling us summer is almost over and autumn is just around the corner.

Autumn colours are inspiring and I think they make a pretty picture even on a rainy day. Living on a canal boat comes with some big pluses such as stunning first row views from your dining table, or bedroom.

Autumn reflections of colourful trees in the canal waters always deliver a magical show.

I have a close bond with autumn, maybe because I was born then. It will be a special one this year and I hope more colourful than ever. It's my 40th! That's it, another decade under the belt.

The decade CorkTrend was born.

After a very slow August POP-UP shop wise (various events out of our control, being ill, getting vaccinated and having a mini holiday) we are now more than ready to kick off September attending the RCTA floating market as part of Angel Canal Festival 2021

It is our second year taking part in this fantastic event so please read more about it and its history (it's been officially running since 1986!) and we hope to see you there! 

We hope to see as many new and old faces starting this Sunday September 5th so do come along!

We aim to have arrived by Saturday evening so watch out for our boat if you are on a walk along Regent's Canal in London this weekend.

Say hello if you see us, dogs will be on the roof weather permitting. You might get a tail wag or two. Or a horn salute!

In other news

As some of you may have seen already, we have partnered with some local British independent sawists who work with cork fabric. We are delighted to showcase local work so please have a browse at their wonderful creations and support small independents. Now it is more important than ever as we all have seen the devastating effect this seemingly never-ending pandemic has had on small businesses here in UK and worldwide.

Jo from Country Cow Designs is a very talented lady, who designs bag patterns and is brilliant at it! She also has her own video tutorials to go with them and has recently started supplying bag making hardware. If you would like to have a go at bag making yourself or know someone who'd be interested, make sure to check her website out and follow her on Instagram @country_cow_designs

Alice from AlicesewNsew is a small and independent sawist based in Wales who loves everything cork and having discovered cork leather hasn't looked back! Her passion is quickly becoming a side hustle and her amazing ability to add that extra POP to all her colour choices and combinations will always make her creations stand out.

Make sure you check her work out and give her a follow on Instagram @alicesewnsew

We hope more people will discover the goodness of cork leather locally and it will be a preferred choice in future.

If you are a sawist that works with cork leather and are based in UK we will be happy to hear from you and showcase your creations on our website. Get in touch.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes and we have teamed up with a new brand so watch this space and stay tuned! Our updates are so very rare that you probably forget about us, but rest assured we are here and working hard to make this cork business float! 

See what I did there? 

Have a lovely autumn everyone and don't forget to check out all the latest products available in our online shop

Delivery for UK is free as usual and currently operating with no delays.

Over and out! 

Got a festival to prepare for.