Welcome to the world of fashion accessories made from cork.

Cork leather is very quickly gaining popularity in times when the world is seeking eco-friendly options and alternatives to harmful fast fashion materials and practices.

Not only is cork completely natural, it is also renewable. 

Cork comes from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree, which is stripped by hand and then regrows in about 9 years time. The practice is considered one of the most eco-friendly harvest techniques in the world.

Because of its amazing natural properties, cork can be processed in many different ways, giving it great versatility.

Whether premium cork leather, rustic or agglomerated cork fabric, any of these designs are made to last, 100% Vegan and made with zero or minimum plastic.

All dyes and colourants used are plant based.

Cork fabric can be mixed successfully with other popular natural materials to create even more colourful and interesting designs.


If you would like to learn more about cork leather, please have a read at our Cork Leather FAQ


The majority of our cork fashion accessories are made in Portugal, however we do have some made in UK by independent sewists.

We love their work and are thrilled to share it with our customers.





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12 of 54 Items