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The idea of CorkTrend started back in 2019 at first online and now with a floating pop up shop that you can follow and see at a canal towpath near you.

CorkTrend is an eco-friendly and ethical shop specialising in fashion, home and yoga products made from sustainably sourced Portuguese cork.

We work with the best Portuguese factories and suppliers, who manufacture our designs to the highest quality.

It was fascinating to explore the variety of products that can be made from cork, we knew that this material needed more popularity. And all the benefits it comes with naturally were hard to overlook.

Cork is naturally hypoallergenic, mould, mildew and water-resistant, fire repellent, breathable, biodegradable, recyclable and compostable!

Fun fact: Cork is about four times lighter than water, so it always floats! It was widely used in the making of lifejackets in the past.

That is a lot of pluses! And we haven’t been able to find any negatives so far.

We read, researched, tested, pushed a few limits, jumped a few hoops, and decided that this could be the future of eco-friendly fashion and beyond!  We wanted to do our part in making this material popular and hopefully a preferred choice in future.

What made it more special to us as a team was the opportunity to do something good.

Not only for us and our customers, but for the environment.

Fast forward to July 2020 and our first dream came true. We released our first two designs of sustainable FLIP FLOPS made from cork!

We also like to call them JANDALS as our team is half kiwi.

With about 3 billion pairs bought worldwide on the average every year, we thought that this is just an incredible number of potentially lost flip flops in oceans and waterways. Or ending up in landfills.

And if they are made from cheap and harmful materials that take forever to degrade?


We love the beach and we love nature at CorkTrend and we think it is worth taking care of.

And it is possible to work in unison with nature. Reap, but also give back.

All products that we design and offer are an eco-friendly version to animal leather or plastics.

The cork we work with is ethically and sustainably sourced in Portugal and currently all of our products are manufactured there to the highest standards.


We hope more and more people would choose to switch to these eco-friendly alternatives and contribute to the fight against pollution.

For A Better World



Dana and Tim,